‘Cross Style

I know the post is a little late, but I didn’t have all of the pics ready to go yet. Local guys did well, and my hat’s off to Jim and Kristen for putting on a fine event.

Silk flatted about a half second after that picture was taken. He soldiered on to catch all the way back to 2nd, in B race on Saturday. He bumped to the A race for Sunday, and pulled out a very respectable 4th.

Little Ball had no intention of racing, but after much harassment from your’s truly, he antied up. He rode a strong race at the front, to finish 3rd. All that on Taco Bell and Mountain Dew!

Local road legend, Tom Gillis put cross tires on his 29er mountain bike, and threw his hat in the ring with the rest of the master’s crew. Here he’s climbing Bigworm Hill. This hill was a beast on both days.

Ice Berg and Bigworm getting their spectator on. I’m sure we were heckling someone.

Even Cliff broke free of his anti race stance to join in on Saturday. He may not have won, but he had the best chest hair display, hand’s down. If he just had a big gold cross…

>Here’s a short clip of Bigworm Hill on Saturday, during David and Zac’s race.

Lets Run Turkey

Aren’t you tired of sitting on that saddle? Have you been thinking that a little cross training would be a good thing? Well now is your time to try something different. Thursday is the Turkey Trot down at Southwood. There are several options to choose from (5, 10 or 15k). I’m going to lace up my running shoes and give the 5k a try. Come on out and join me. This is how I will justify eating that second piece of pecan pie.

This party is for you

In keeping with the theme that BJS laid out, here is my fire picture. Hopefully after his relaxing camping weekend, he will come back ready to contribute to the bikechain blog. He is the best writer in town ya know. RD, you’re not completely off the hook either. Vulgarity is not an excuse. Anyway, its party time. Pizza burgers, beer and video games tonight. And no, I didn’t leave out a comma. Dinner tonight will be pizza burgers. The real ones too. Not some fake pizza burger that is no more than mozzarella and marinera sauce on a hamburger patty. This is a burger, with a slice of pizza on it. May not be the best choice for the weight watchers out there, but it will go good with Busch Light. Maybe we can offer up a Boca Burger option without a bun, and only a small slice of pizza for those who are really concerned. So, Steve, get up out of that dark room, blow out all of the candles, turn off Chris Isaac and c’mon. This party is for you.

Carl won’t call

Well, looks like I missed out on some good rides this weekend. I was in Destin on a mini vacation so I didn’t get to join in. Apparently, Carl came to town this weekend and went riding with the boys – both days – on mountain bikes. It would have been cool to see Carl, and witness him in person since I cannot ever get him to call back or reply to emails. In fact, now that I think about it, maybe I didn’t miss anything. Anyway, it sounds like there were a couple of challenges to see who could rip off who’s legs. Man I wish I coulda been there. Was not for me though. Instead, I tried to eat everything in sight and have yet to be on a bike in three days. I did, however, run both days and I can hardly walk now. Oh well, it sounds like the cooler weather has everybody fired up again so there should be some more good riding to come. Oh, BTW, David won again down in Tampa this weekend.

I like my friends

Today was another spectacular day at the bike shop. A big lunch crew showed and we all had a great time cracking on each other. We tried on the fit kit for the vests and jackets so the clothing orders should be settling down. Looks like we are signing on with the top wholesale in the business which should enable us to really expand the types of products we offer.

I weighed in today and the scale says I’ve lost 4 pounds – which is about what I’d expected. My short term goal is to solidly dip into the 170s. Hope to do that before the end of November – 6 pounds to go. It is tough because pretty much all I think about is food and I love chicken wings – hence the photo. The point I am not getting to is that depriving yourself for a greater good really sharpens your focus. One of the benefits for me is that it has me motivated to simplify my life. Clean all the crap out of the garage, clean my car, get organized etc… I know if I make some sacrifices now it will pay off later. I’m on “New Kent” # 93 of the year so let’s hope this one really takes.

The other thing about setting goals and simplifying your life is you start reflecting. Instead of blabbing away the whole time at lunch, I actually sat and observed a few times. It was a neat experience and makes me realize how I have a cool bunch of friends. So to all the bikechain and extended crews, thanks for all you do.

Ring a ding ding

Wow. I am really tired. Saturday was a very cool day. We held a birthday party for Ice Berg and myself at bikechain. The day started with a big off-road ride. By the time we got to the start of Cadillac, I had flatted twice. Fixed the flat and everybody took off. I gave chase and was blown up by the end of the roller coaster section. I was worried about making the rest of the ride. I caught an early second wind and pushed on with the “A group” out to the drop off. Pleased with myself, I could have easily turned around but silk had this evil grin that said it all – we will be pedaling. He led us out on a route that had me turned around. Big Worm weighed in with the best quote of the day – something like, “it may be soft and grassy, but it least it ain’t fun.”

The worm and I prefer single track but I was game because this type of riding is what I need. Finally we pop out and I figure out we are headed toward the greenway. To this point I had embraced the “miles” of pedaling but now I just wanted to click my heels three times. We get to the greenway and it was decided the A riders are going to head out for another 20 minutes. I filled my water bottle and looked towards town and realized my B rider crew had already pedaled out. I mounted up and gave chase. After about 20 minutes I had pretty much given up trying to catch Wrecking Ball and the worm. I finally reached the greenway parking lot and was looking forward to some easy miles on pavement. But wait, I spy my prey, and duck behind some cars. Slam it into the big ring and hammer. Wrecking Ball’s startled look when he realized that I was drafting them was priceless. The double take and burst of laughter was worth the price of admission.

The after party – so we roll into bikechain and Wrecking Ball fetches some platters from Tijuana Flats. Ice Berg’s mom soon arrives with a huge spread of food (Thanks Mom!) and a cake from Cupcake Steve. As the A riders trickle in we fire the grill and everybody has a good ole time telling stories of the day. Truly good food, good times.

Highlights for me – Berg wheelie’ng into and out of the shop, prank candles on the birthday cake and a really cool bike picture frame from the Bergs. Thanks to all – Red Dragon.

Gotta Go!

So yesterday I’m sitting in my windowless office moving papers from this stack over to that stack while dotting the I’s and crossing the t’s and then , all of a sudden, the urge just hits me. I could feel it welling up inside all morning and even though the urge was great it did not appear that relief was forthcoming. However, last night around 5:45 the flood gates opened and relief began. I’m talking about nighttime mountain bike riding of course.

The bike posse was out in force last night and we were able to get in a really good ride. Even Big Worm, who has been nursing a bum foot, was able to join in the fun. It just doesn’t feel right when Worm’s not a part of a ride so it was definitely awesome to have him back. The only real excitement last night was Marko trying to impress us by trying to throw his bike, like a Frisbee, while still being attached to it. Now that was impressive, but not as much as his imitation of a major league baseball player sliding into third base.

The only thing missing last night was Wrecking Ball and the Red Dragon but both had domestic obligations.

So there it is, and this morning I’m feeling relief because sometimes you just gotta go!

Enter the Dragon

Today is the day. Today really starts the hurt. I am now focused on the March 3rd AMBC in Gainesville. I fully expect to win this race going away. This is one of those deals where I know what I have to do – now I just need to do it. I will be looking to bikediet and ricky silk for advice. The first step is to up my capacity for exercise while trying to lose some weight. I ride maybe once a week and over the last few months it was once or twice per month. So ramping up to 5 days a week will be a chore. Looking back at the original posts to this blog I had been feeling like a failure. I weighed last night on the scale and realized I have actually lost 16 pounds this year. I impressed myself while realizing I must have been really fat. I did not reach my goal of “training” so that is a disappointment. I am not nervous but I am uneasy about the sacrifices I am going to have to make. For me, this will be a major change because I pretty much eat whatever I want and a lot of it is junk. I have been here before. Current weight 186 (down from 202). Goal weight 160.

“You are either a winner or a participant, and I’m not participating” Kent Whittington, circa 1989 – backyard football game.

Red Dragon – out

Weekend Race Report

This past weekend, bikechain.com had to split up teams. David Berg and crew represented in Miami, FL for the Florida State Championship Series, and we had a crew throw down in Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, GA. Well, David did what he likes to do; win. An early encounter with another racer left him racing as a singlespeed in the rear, only able to shift between big and middle ring in the front. An additional crash put him finishing out the race with a pretty banged up shoulder. Tom and Graham Gillis put forth a solid effort until the sharp coral took care of their tires and caused them flat induced DNF’s. Tony (Atomic junior) had a strong run and finished in 4th.

The PMC (Pine Mountain Crew) posted a first place in expert (Darien), a first place in sport (Mark), a second place in beginner (Kent), and a DNF(Jim). This course was super fun. It was all double track which goes against all traditional singletrack mindset, however, it was fun none the less. The climbs were not as tough as Bump and Grind in Birmingham, but they were definitely tougher than anything in Florida. The descent was so fast that you were glad it was double track, just so could stay out of the trees. It was a 27 mph big-ring small-cog 2 mile descent over loose gravel, roots, through creeks, over water bars, etc that had a pretty good hold on your attention. The rocks were so unforgiving that they caused flats for all of us. Jim flatted and DNF’d because of it. Darien flatted, changed tubes, and still won. I partially flatted, but since I was running Stan’s, I hit it with a CO2 – two times, and rolled to the finish line with 15lbs of air in my rear tire. Kent flatted, but it must have been a slow leak, because he didn’t even know it until after the race was over. Jim was in the lead when he flatted, and with less than 15 minutes left in the race, he was pretty confident that he was going to win. At least he walked away knowing that he was riding strong enough to win, and he learned a little lesson about flat tires.

Well, there are too many stories to tell, and not enough typing ability. So, there ya go, thats the gist of it. If ya need more details, you’re gonna have to get them on a ride. Charge up your lights……..