Toe the line

Phil says it best, so I’ll let you read the story straight from the source (see the link below). For those that do not know, Phil rode with us back in the Revolutions days. He was a junior then and was getting pretty fast before moving away to go to UG. He did not finish the race, but he outlasted many other pros, and he toed the line with Lance, Floyd, Tyler, Horner, Georgie and all the other local and Euro heroes. Hats off to ya Phil.

New Shopping Cart

So… we are working on a new shopping cart system for The new system will have our base products, as well as special order catalog with real time pricing. The special order catalog has about 22,000 items so chances are we’ll be able to get just about whatever you want. There are a bunch of other features that should bump up the quality of the Web site. Look for this change over the next couple of days.
Thanks, Red Dragon

Training, training and more training

I can’t help but feel resentful and out of place. Everyone around me is playing the training game and this was supposed to be the year for me. The more people train and talk about training, the more I pull away. This is very weird. Even weirder is that I feel great. Other than the ponch, I feel better on the bike, can run three miles with no problem and still fair well in a push up competition. It’s no secret that a fell completely off after Felasco. A lot of people thought I was joking but something completely snapped in that last eight or so miles of Felasco. Like life reflection snapped. It should have been a clue to everyone when the first thing I did when we got back to the truck was take the front wheel off and load up the bike. I really wanted nothing to do with it. What’s crazy is I LOVED the first 40 miles. Despite this hate fatigue, it was the best Felasco ever and I’ll do it again next year. I like to make the excuse that we had a lot going on with the team and that added some pressure. Then other times I think maybe I am a pussy ass bitch. Either way I feel a storm brewing. I won’t be where I need to be for March 8th, but I feel like I may have something for Bump and Grind. Like my big brother double nought seven, I am seeking redemption. The last time at B&G I flatted three times in the race and had to DNF – which I DON’T do. That was fresh off the heels of a 2nd place at Daucet. But that was two years ago. So I guess what I’m getting at is I like the bike again and I want to be healthier. So all together now, bring your A game and slam me. I need the insults. I need the motivation. The Dragon is still sleeping.

Red Dragon

Ride outline

Here is a race outline for the perfect ride. Or, should I say, a perfect ride. There are many, many ways of acheiving a prefect ride, and todays ride was definitely one of them.
1. Explore new trail
2. Jump/ride many creek crossings
3. Lose a friend and wrestle while you wait for him
4. Bring old skool riders out of the woodwork
5. Have Kent AND Terry on the same ride
6. Have Jim ride the train tracks
7. Stop on the trail and have a push-up and plank competition
8. Out-sprint Terry for the TB yellow sign
9. After Terry is demoralized, go out of your way to beat him on the “next” yellow sign
10. Go back to the jail house, have a 180, and laugh at all the stories