Thoughts on a 3.5 hour cross bike ride

The old shop on Mahan, shop wiffle ball, Kent’s denim overall stage, rubber Wal-mart boots to go with his overalls, Friday night Cabos, the dirty white girl at Subway, the Mike Fletcher yellow tire/ Kent Camelbak incident, Shitman, shaving Slaton’s Michael Bolton cut off, glass showcase with all things anodized, the Barracuda bike movement, Tony’s trials course, Brown Baggin’, Chris harshing your new parts, Chick-fil-a nuggets, unboxing Costa’s Indy frame, spider jumping, ball bearings for leaving your bike unattended, Benny and Jack Munson rides, tabouli out your ass salad, Sunday rides, messages if you missed Sunday rides, Kent ratcheting to China in Ellijay, Jaysun(RIP) nose diving his bike, campus BMX rides, Leech Center scenery, “Steve is out of the boat!”, Mike Hossford!(RIP), Jaysun busting the window out with his ass while doing a Mike Hossford imitation(this one made me laugh out loud during my ride), Benny making you pick his bike up to verify that it was the lightest bike on the planet, riding to Tom Brown fireworks, Chicken touch my peepee from Hopkins, Winterfest parade double decker bike, Kent’s conversion van(rape van by today’s standards), lunches at the shop with the crew, night rides, the Books-A-Million death grip, I am a mad dog, and finally the dirty feet stripper.

Every time I ride, these thoughts pass through my brain. It was the best time of my life due to the people in it.
I think I was “living the dream”, but didn’t know it.
I got to spend more time up there…

Where’s Gym?

So, Big Jim Slade has been missing in action from crew rides for a few weeks, and people were starting to get worried. As Big Jim has been known to go missing for years at a stretch, There is some concern that we may have reached the next Ice Age. Have no fear, I called upon an old riding buddy, an icon of justice, and I assure you, he’s doing his level best to find Gym.