We are bike chain. bikechain.com was started many years ago as an Independent Bicycle Dealer – a local bike shop. Young and full of energy, we changed the style of the bike business in Tallahassee, Florida (and beyond) with innovative ideas. We also made a lot of mistakes along the way.

The bikechain concept embodies the “support your local bike shop” rule. We support our local shops, but we often cannot find what we want/need in town – and we wanted it yesterday. Also, our local shops don’t carry real “closeouts”.

So we came up with the idea of  linking great prices with local service. We feature hard to find items such as bike-related gifts and real closeouts. We also have our own line of recycled bike art.  Most of all, we want to be known for our good customer service.

Hopefully, learning from our mistakes, continuing to develop innovative products and focusing on customer service we will earn your business.

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