Kent called me early this year screaming, ” You ready, you ready for an Ellsworth?” I like a chump, said “Yes”. There was nothing wrong with my current ride, just time for some thing different. I am a sucker for “supporting the cause”. Such a sucker, I have branded myself for life with the symbol of the crew. Kent was hounding me and I ordered a large Epiphany in black with black rockers and a black bling kit. I have a little OCD(Big Jim understands, we were separated at birth), so when Kent called me and said he should have it in a month, I was less than thrilled. Good news is that I had time to unload everything I owned on eBay so I could pay for this frame.

I got it with all my parts and after two rides, I couldn’t get the seatpost to stop slipping. Most would be pissed, however shit happens and it was time to eat the shit sandwich. Made in America by hand, maybe my bike was made on a Monday morning or Friday afternoon. The biggest problem was they didn’t have another large black Epiphany, so the waiting game begins again.
Ellsworth came through and I got my frame, they even sent a hydration pack to ease the pain. Everything went together without at hitch. I always figured suspension is suspension, and all this mumbo jumbo about VPP, DW Link, Horst Link and Snoop D O Double G was just another way for companies to try to market their bikes. Ellsworth uses the ICT, and I got 140mm of it.
I have to say…I dig this bike. I am not saying that because I bought one, I am saying it because this is my ideal bike. It sits right between a race bike and a trail bike. The ICT suspension feels like it is endless for a 140mm(5.5in) bike. I don’t race, but I could with this bike. I could take it anywhere in the US and be just fine. By the way, it is about time for another NC trip Wrecking Ball and Big Jim. We just have to keep Big Squirm from getting his period again. There is a lot of beer in Asheville we didn’t drink.
Just wanted to give Ellsworth and Zone 5(Kent) my approval for what it is worth. There is something to be said for “Made in America”. Feels pretty good to buy American when I can, no matter what the wait is.
Zak “Little Ball” summed it up perfect. He named my bike Oprah, because it is big, black, and worth a lot of money. See you guys soon.
Thanks Kent.

Zone 5 Bike Purchase…I Think

Rumor has it that my wheels have arrived and my frame is being assembled in Oregon. I need a fork and that is in the works. Hopefully if things pan out, I will be wearing a BC/Ellsworth kit while riding an Ellsworth.

I am a little sad to see the orange Turner on the chopping block. It is a great bike, an orange bike. The parts will be surfacing up on eBay next week. I would love to keep both but can’t afford it. The new bike will fly under the radar with the black and white theme. No more “hey look at me, my frame and wheels are orange!”
If the owner/proprietor of Zone 5 can manage to get all parts in Tallahasse by May 15, I may come up to build the bike and help out with the Red Bug Challenge. My visits are always on the fence because I have about a million assholes’ behavior dictating when I can have off. Worse comes to worse, I will have K-Dub, K-Swiss, Red Dragon, Butcher, whatever she is calling herself these days, send me the stuff and will build it in North Cuba.
If all goes well, I will be up there with 5.5 of ICT travel and a cross bike looking for clay again. Cross your fingers, I am due for a visit.

Zone 5

Wish I could be there for the first ride out of the new clubhouse. Good luck on the new venture.

Kent- Please get yourself a nice bike, you deserve it. The owner/operator of a bike shop/cafe’/clubhouse shouldn’t be riding around on a do-do bike.
Does anybody post on here anymore?????

Harden the F-Up, Rule #5

This is my fishing buddy, Chris. He would definitely fit in with the Bikechain crew. He is Rule #5. This guy is going to get his head cut open for a third time due to a stubborn brain tumor and cyst. Imagine being sea-sick for two years on and off, I would have killed myself by now. The reason I bring this up is because I plan on using his and Wrecking Ball’s situation as perspective this year. It makes me realize I have no reason to bitch, piss and moan, cry, or complain about anything.

I will miss riding Felasco this year, I will be at the hospital with fingers crossed for my buddy getting his coconut cracked again.
Anyway, see you guys on the next trip…..Tour de Tallasco?

Dirty Ron is on the Horizon

The Dirty Ron is on the horizon. I have not been riding my bike. It is going to hurt. I think it will be good for the soul. Here is the plan….

Thursday- night ride on some Big Worm selected single track, then drink beer immediately.
Friday- get cyclocross bike ready with Big Worm built wheels, then drink beer immediately.
Saturday- The Dirty Ron is on. Beer drinking will commence immediately after.
Sunday- Old school Revolutions ride, but much slower. Beer drinking immediately after.
Monday- I leave and you guys stop drinking beer after your rides.

Good Day

Went to Publix. Saw a great friend. Went for a “couldn’t get the tires to break loose” two hour ride on my bike, the orange Turner is now officially off the chopping block, sorry Chris. Made a turkey sandwich. Had me two Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ales. Two of those after a ride will make you buy a Park Truing Stand(always wanted one) and a Paul’s Components cycling cap. Good day.