2010 – a Kent Odyssey – class, you will be graded

Boot Camp; Focus and Disciplined; 20, 20, 10; Red Dragon. All of these except Boot Camp were failures. It’s hard thing to look back at your failures, especially since you want so badly to make a difference. It hurts even worse when you believe you were being more responsible when neglecting yourself. For those that know me you understand kids, bills, Pimlico, Pop Warner football, the storage shed, etc…. For those that don’t “know” me I’m sure these just sound like excuses. On some levels they are. I’m just like everybody else, trying to balance life. In reflecting on this year, and nearing the end of my third decade, I came to some conclusions. While I try my hardest to do what I can making others happy, I am missing the most important person – me. Looking back on these blog posts I laugh at myself for whiffing at the plate after calling my shots like the Babe. So for 2010, I’m pulling the ultimate do-over. These are the things I plan to do. Add, edit or delete as you see necessary. As always, insults welcome.
  1. Do the right things for my family
  2. Continue Bike Chain and related companies
  3. Listen more, talk less
  4. Ride more, talk less
  5. Eat and drink better, and do it slower
  6. Promote three events in Tallahassee
  7. Sponsor a third party race series
  8. Re-enthuse the Florida Mountain Bike Association
  9. Win the GSC
  10. Spank at least 2 of the crew at BUMP – in a skirt
  11. Buy a small car and keep it clean

In the great words of , well me, you are either a winner or a participant – and I don’t plan on participating.


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