A Broken Clock is Still Right Twice a Day

More than 10 years ago I found myself at a New Year’s eve party. It was at Tim’s house. It was nicer than the usual parties I had been to before. Long Shanks isn’t afraid to party, he was just doing it a little be classier than what we had been used to. Nice buffet spread on the dining room table. Music, games inside. Fire, grill and a bar outside. Two things stick out from that party. One, this one of my times my abrasiveness was really over the top. It reared it’s head when you combined a youthful me, alcohol and the game Taboo. Imagine me laying on the Taboo buzzer with one hand while grabbing my crotch with other, topped off with me screaming get some of dat mother f*cker! All the while Brent’s parents were in the same room mortified. I was quick to apologize which was even more quickly nullified by my next outburst – eat my *ss b*tc! I was hammered – It was awesome.

The other thing I remember even though I was deep into the liquor was the cigars. That was during Brent and Tim’s cigar phase. As the clock struck 12 somebody busted out the stogies. Unfortunately, I decided to hot box the cigar. I used to love the sweet smell of a cigar. Now I’m drunk and this disgusting cigar film is in my clothes, nose, mouth and most certainly lungs. That was the least of my concern. I’d carry this film for a solid week. Not a great way to start the year.

This year (last year actually) I started early. I got my mind right and wrote down some things that are important to me. Things I believe I can accomplish in 2010. Even before that I’ve been doing some basic things like push ups and a little core work. That’s my biggest issue at Felasco. I can ride 50 miles any day of the week, but my upper body will pay. In my mind I had some rides that I needed to hit this week. These were must do rides or I can’t pull off Felasco. I spent NYE in bed shivering from fever. Did that on NYD in the morning but pain meds helped. Then we went to my parents for lunch. Champagne and push ups. If I can’t get in a ride, I need to do something. The champagne wears off and I begin to shiver – again. I guess we won’t make it to Tim’s party. London drops me off at the house and I spend it holed up with meds and a dark room. Last night, here comes the elevated heart rate and shivers again. More meds and sleep. This morning I feel better but still a little off. By mid morning temp and shivers are again on the rise. Three days of temp can wear on you. I now know I’m defeated.

All these years later I now know I have this heavy film on me again. It’s beauce I know I won’t make it at Felasco. I’m out of time. Nobody to blame but myself. It is a little bit of buzz kill because I was up and looking forward to the new year. Looking forward to our annual trip. Getting back into the groove of hanging with guys and riding. Not just Felasco but making the Tuesday ride and getting Thursday lunch started back up. To top it off nobody believes it or cares that much but I’m in training for the GSC. Except me. I know that I’m good for it. But being wishy washy really is ammo to say same ole same ole. As always the proof will be in the pudding. I hear rumor that micro will be bailing at 25. That might be more agreeable. We’ll have to look at it over the next couple of days. If everybody was going today I’d bail. We’ll reassess tomorrow.

The Butcher

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