August 1, I will return to the Bicycle

The last time I rode a bike was on a Sunday morning ride – when I supposed to meet the crew under the Blairstone flyover. Problem is I read Big Jim’s Facebook post wrong and was a day late. Latched on to some old friends and rode out the Fern to Tom Brown. I felt really good on the bike. That is until I bailed to get some riding in (because they were to busy stopping and talking). Grooving the lower section I caught a glimpse of some Bike Chain orange and black. It was D from Guardian. He made me suffer on some of the climbs up the multi-use – and he was on a totally rigid single speed. Other than that I rode pretty good. A glimpse of me back in the saddle. Then the bottom fell out, I sold my bike, hurt my back and otherwise off the friend-grid. So my return to two wheels will be on Sunday, August 1st. Who’s in?

Return of the Dragon

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