Back In The Saddle Again

Working 70 hours a week doesn’t leave much time for riding. It never fails, anytime I get any riding schedule, a crime wave occurs and I am screwed. Don’t get me wrong, the overtime is nice, but I sacrifice any fitness I have, which ain’t much.

I rode the cross bike today and did fifty, as a motivation/detox ride. Luckily they graded the rock roads to ensure that my taint was severely beat. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, just kept thinking of Rule#5. I had a red tail hawk flying next to me for about a mile on the levee, guess he was looking for breakfast. Then around mile 30, I ran into a bunch of stinky black opportunists, turkey vultures. They stink and don’t move, they kind of hop along the gravel and grunt. I think they were formulating a plan to eat me. Really pissed I could not get in on the Dirty Spagetti, once again due to other people acting like douches.
So here goes another effort to get skinny quick on the bikes, cross your fingers, I am back in the saddle again.

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