Bikechain: The New Revolution without Prince

I had a great ride yesterday, not long, just everything was flowing.  I had no mechanicals and was not suffering from steering retardation.  I usually ride solo because I work when everyone is off, but I am good with that.  My pre-ride ritual is to call some of the old Revolutions crew and try to irritate them just like it was a Sunday morning ride out of the old shops.  Down here you have to ride in circles to put in miles on the dirt, your mind can wander.  Every time I ride I think about the “good old days”.  I remember the first time I met the Revolutions crew.  I walked in wanting to get wheels built and there was this pale half-balding guy sitting in a folding camp chair sitting in front of a glass showcase with more purple and green anodized parts that one should have.  He was not known as the Red Dragon back then, just Kent(not sure what version of Kent he was on back then).  He invited me on the Sunday group ride, the one where the Red Dragon slid down he biggest hill on Mahan Drive on his Camelbak like a turtle on the road because some d-bag with yellow tires bunny hopped into him.  I kept showing up at the shop and rides for the abuse.  I am probably sure that is how all of the Bikechain/Revolutions crew members became part of the gang.

I had this whole post in my head yesterday when I was riding, 200 milligrams of caffeine while trying to type this does not help with keeping me on track with what I wanted to say, it was a lot better that this.  Basically, after knowing these guys for fourteen years, I am amazed at the Red Dragon’s and Bikediet’s commitment to the bike shop dream, I am not brave enough to try it myself.  Their commitment to world bicycle part distribution domination is impressive.  We have to support their efforts in anyway we can, because they have to succeed, otherwise where are we going to hang out and avoid real life for a while. link tattoos on the other arm and leg?  Come on Bikediet, I am in.

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