Black and Tan = Soft Opening

Black and Tan – actually Black and White is how we’re choosing to kick off this blog. We have some ideas of what it will be and what it will look like, but choose to “design” the mechanics in black and white. This is something folks, like web designers, do to make sure all the pieces parts work before they dress it up. If you worry about it looking pretty (form), you lose sight of function.

So, this combination of blog, social media and (soon to be) website strives to celebrate brewed concoctions – beer and coffee, with a little extreme sports and pop culture blended in.  We’ll tweak the recipe but envision a place to celebrate the flavors we like, without hating too much on things we don’t. Expect product reviews, taste tastes, industry news, DIY projects and more.

I’ve had this idea “brewing” in my head for more than a few years, but my own personal renaissance and urging from (not so) Big Jim provided just enough gumption to crack this thing open. We plan to have fun with this blog and you’re invited to join us.


Source: Hops and Grinds

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