Carl won’t call

Well, looks like I missed out on some good rides this weekend. I was in Destin on a mini vacation so I didn’t get to join in. Apparently, Carl came to town this weekend and went riding with the boys – both days – on mountain bikes. It would have been cool to see Carl, and witness him in person since I cannot ever get him to call back or reply to emails. In fact, now that I think about it, maybe I didn’t miss anything. Anyway, it sounds like there were a couple of challenges to see who could rip off who’s legs. Man I wish I coulda been there. Was not for me though. Instead, I tried to eat everything in sight and have yet to be on a bike in three days. I did, however, run both days and I can hardly walk now. Oh well, it sounds like the cooler weather has everybody fired up again so there should be some more good riding to come. Oh, BTW, David won again down in Tampa this weekend.

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