‘Cross Style

I know the post is a little late, but I didn’t have all of the pics ready to go yet. Local guys did well, and my hat’s off to Jim and Kristen for putting on a fine event.

Silk flatted about a half second after that picture was taken. He soldiered on to catch all the way back to 2nd, in B race on Saturday. He bumped to the A race for Sunday, and pulled out a very respectable 4th.

Little Ball had no intention of racing, but after much harassment from your’s truly, he antied up. He rode a strong race at the front, to finish 3rd. All that on Taco Bell and Mountain Dew!

Local road legend, Tom Gillis put cross tires on his 29er mountain bike, and threw his hat in the ring with the rest of the master’s crew. Here he’s climbing Bigworm Hill. This hill was a beast on both days.

Ice Berg and Bigworm getting their spectator on. I’m sure we were heckling someone.

Even Cliff broke free of his anti race stance to join in on Saturday. He may not have won, but he had the best chest hair display, hand’s down. If he just had a big gold cross…

>Here’s a short clip of Bigworm Hill on Saturday, during David and Zac’s race.

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