Just a note to tell you about how fast a cruise ship can take away any expert potential building blocks. I haven’t ridden a bike in almost two weeks and have barely exercised at all during that time. I weighed in before and after the cruise – whoa!. First let me say that the first thing I did when we got on the ship was to eat. Since you can’t go to your rooms yet, the casino is closed and there are no shows; the only thing to do is eat. So, I ate. For forty five minutes straight. I started with dessert, then had three plates of food, then dessert. THEN, saw the hamburgers and fries area. So, I had a hamburger, hot dog, french fries and onion rings. Then I topped it all off with ice cream. I was bloated the whole time and all of our cruise pics make me look pregnant. So, back to the point. I put on eight pounds on the cruise. That means I ate an excess of approximately 4000 calories a day; which sounds about right.

Other than that, it was a great time. Perfect weather, perfect ship and perfect itenerary.

See y’all suckers soon.

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