Enter the Dragon

Today is the day. Today really starts the hurt. I am now focused on the March 3rd AMBC in Gainesville. I fully expect to win this race going away. This is one of those deals where I know what I have to do – now I just need to do it. I will be looking to bikediet and ricky silk for advice. The first step is to up my capacity for exercise while trying to lose some weight. I ride maybe once a week and over the last few months it was once or twice per month. So ramping up to 5 days a week will be a chore. Looking back at the original posts to this blog I had been feeling like a failure. I weighed last night on the scale and realized I have actually lost 16 pounds this year. I impressed myself while realizing I must have been really fat. I did not reach my goal of “training” so that is a disappointment. I am not nervous but I am uneasy about the sacrifices I am going to have to make. For me, this will be a major change because I pretty much eat whatever I want and a lot of it is junk. I have been here before. Current weight 186 (down from 202). Goal weight 160.

“You are either a winner or a participant, and I’m not participating” Kent Whittington, circa 1989 – backyard football game.

Red Dragon – out

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