Everybody gotta have a dream

So I’ve been in my own personal Siberia. I’m no different than any other fool out there. By all accounts I have a perfect life. An American life – A job, wife, kids, two dogs and BBQ on the weekends. I look at the kids homework, do odd jobs around the house and sling my own version of TPS reports at work. Let’s just say that I’m invested in the family. That is great but I got this devil on my shoulder driving me to be more, whispering pipe-dreams of stand up comedy fame, real estate tycoon status and bicycle parts liquidator warehouse Internet mogul thingie. I feel guilty for wanting more. I don’t need more things. But I do need more achievement. I can’t shut the brain down. Meanwhile I’m either losing it or really inspired by a morality play that shouldn’t inspire – but it does. Terrance Howard’s DJay character has caught my attention with his proclamational song “It ain’t over me.” The movie is Hustle and Flow from 2005. It’s a tough watch because the guy is a scum bag pimp and drug dealer, but yet you can’t help from being drawn to the character. I’m guessing I like it because DJay climbs from one of the worst places you can imagine to implied success. I think I’ll ride my bike today.

Red Dragon

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