Excuse Maker 4000

What to do when you are at the rebuilding phase? Get back to your roots and do something that makes you happy and is inexpensive fun. I need a test bike – scratch that – I need a bike. I dig on the 29inch platform so I was thinking of getting a Surly Karate Monkey. But… the tinkerer in me knows I have a “slightly” bent steel 29er frame that I was gonna cut up for a beach bike (with ATV tires). I got to thinking if it was a steel bike that got bent from braking force, then I could certainly “bend” it back. The bike company issues these frames with dropouts that include disc brake mounts, but chose not to brace the frame properly. So… I got out the three pound sledge and did work.

Bare naked frame after I put the three pound sledge to work

With the frame “straightened”, it was time to make some upgrades. Time to find some random metal around the house that looked acceptable in the frame.

1/2″ steel box rough cut to fit

The rough cut needs to be cleaned up so it fits the frame a little better for strength and appearance.

Square tubing mitered with the frame prepped for welding

With the piece ready, it was on to welding.

Square tubing welded in

Not sure Independent Fabrication will be calling me to weld anytime soon but weld areas show good penetration and should clean up fine.

Cleaned up and ready for paint

Pretty sure this “test” bike will be all black with a truck bed liner paint job. Have thought of gold accents. Not sure. Will post pics of the build soon.

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