Fat Tire Goodness

The Florida Championship Series promoted by Gone Riding rolled into Tallahassee this past weekend. Ron hitched a ride up with Bob. Several of the BC crew kitted up to race. And lots of friends and family came up to hoot and holler. So many things went on that day it was truly a blur. I’ll try to capture some of the day below with my thoughts but the main takeaway is that BC still lives and THANK YOU to all for showing support for the black and orange.

Tim is ripped (look at his arms). He had a bad day racing but still managed a 13th. I know he was poised to win but it was not in the cards. A little rest and he’ll be good to go. Nancy was, as always, a lifesaver. Good to see some other Shanks there as well.

Steve is happy and I think it has a lot to do with Kristen. Kristen seems happy too. They both promise to start riding bikes.

My mom and dad made it out. Papa Benny helped out at the booth and worked the crowd. Grandma Shirley brought the Key lime cupcakes and my childhood favorite – chocolate-iced brownies. Case and Mia scarfed those goodies all day and it was nice having London there.

Big Jim had a self-described bad day. One way to look at it is he got a top 20 finish – there is always a bright side. Thanks for showing up tater salad.

Jason showed up big and nonchalantly dominated his class for his first win. His lap times looked real, real good. He’s in the right class right now but the rest of BC needs to watch out if he gets ANY faster. Congrats on the win

Terry, Michelle and Cory were there all day. The Wrecking Ball was in good spirits and full of jokes and laughs. Thanks for the Sonny’s sides.

Big Worm was another second wave rider claiming to have a bad day. For what it’s worth HE rode the track and took home a fourth place so not really trying to hear much complaining. Thank HIM for lugging the charcoal and grill.

Darien flatted but was giving it a solid effort in the single speed class. D supplied the fruits and veggies. Julie brought the kids to cheer dad on.

Ken was pulling double duty – working the Tallahassee Mountain Bike Association magic and rooting on Colter in his junior race. Good race buddy. He had a solid 6th.

Zak? What can I say. He brought his girl for support and spun out the single speed to a solid 2nd place. Congrats. They both sported BC gear and Zak worked a FAMU lid.

I’m pretty sure Ron, Mark and myself had too many Fat Tire Amber Ales, but I know Lt. Dan did. At one point he was going to beat up me, Lyle, Darien and Ric (Lyle was not there).

Berg flexed and ran with the big dogs in the expert/pro class for an impressive 8th.

At different points in the day I spotted Libby, Cort, lil and host of other friends. I know I left something and someone out of this post but your presence and efforts are still appreciated.

It was good to have Ron in town.

Bottom line it was good food and good times.


Special thanks to Steve Andrews for supplying some of the photos. You can buy a picture of yourself on his site at http://www.andrewsphotogallery.com/Sports/Mountain-Biking/Florida-State-Series-2010/13746525_U5ZkC#1005390500_c3GBz BTW, congrats on winning your class Steve.

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