Good grief, frowning is the new smiling

The sun had just set in more ways than one. I’d put on a performance in more ways than one. My body was completely shredded. I was embarrassed to be at this place. I was a John looking for pleasure. Except this was the good part of town and my fancy was a #1 combo. Double steakburger with cheese, add mustard relish. Hot and greasy it felt so good on my lips. As I stopped and started, going fast and then slow, I washed it down with syrup rich Coke and party ice. In between breaths I shoveled those crappy fries in just as pack fodder. I was toying with my burger, wanting to make it last. Just a little longer.

It was at this point that I realized I am the Street Bike Tommy of our group. I’m the sort of funny overweight guy that’s not really good at anything. But I’ll try (mostly) anything. People are happy to see me and they laugh at the jokes and antics. But when I’m flopping and flailing they just feel sorry for me.

Big Jim beat me like a drum last night. Tim couldn’t believe I was really riding that slow. And the Mackerel just gave me the smirk. The smile that says I know that you know that I know I’m faster than you. The smile that says I’m going to talk your ear off when you try to drop me. Except it’ll sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher because you’re breathing so hard. A smile you can’t really see because your eyes are bugging out of your head.

I think it is time for the dragon to go away for awhile. A journey. So let it be known that I will be there Sunday for my ass shellacking. Then you will only see the Dragon when he wants to appear. Otherwise he shall be invisible.

Don’t feel sorry for me.


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