I (almost) got doored last night

So there I was doing all the wrong things. No rear light, no head light, no blinkie, no reflective clothing, reflectors removed from my Timbuk 2 bag, etc… Roll out from work around 5:30, blast down Richview, shred a piece of Fern and make a pitstop at the shop (for a biological). I get back on the bike and head down Goose Pond Trail. Fight the traffic on Centerville road/Blairstone (both directions) and pick Goose Pond back up. By the time I hit the climb on Hermitage – it’s dark, I mean cloudy dark, I mean I’m going to get run over dark. So I limp up on the sidewalk trying to fool myself the knee will be OK in Felasco. As I sneak on to the access road/sidewalk behind Home Depot, I realize this is a bad time to remember the sidewalk does not go all the way to Raymond Diel. Now, it seemed like a good idea to ride through the construction site at the flyover, but I had to get there from here. So, as I am creeping through backed up traffic in the right hand left turn lane, wham! Out comes the passenger door of an SUV. A rich, punk kid in his buddy’s SUV, spitting out a dip so momma won’t smell it when he gets home. At least that is the story I make up because I hate him. I have no reason to hate him but it scared the crap out of me. I was lucky. I press on after swerving around the door – and exchanging glances. I can hear his muffled voice bark some redneck saying. I just have to get to Killearn, them I’ll do a modified Thursday night loop to make it home. Commuting is addictive.

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