I like my friends

Today was another spectacular day at the bike shop. A big lunch crew showed and we all had a great time cracking on each other. We tried on the fit kit for the vests and jackets so the clothing orders should be settling down. Looks like we are signing on with the top wholesale in the business which should enable us to really expand the types of products we offer.

I weighed in today and the scale says I’ve lost 4 pounds – which is about what I’d expected. My short term goal is to solidly dip into the 170s. Hope to do that before the end of November – 6 pounds to go. It is tough because pretty much all I think about is food and I love chicken wings – hence the photo. The point I am not getting to is that depriving yourself for a greater good really sharpens your focus. One of the benefits for me is that it has me motivated to simplify my life. Clean all the crap out of the garage, clean my car, get organized etc… I know if I make some sacrifices now it will pay off later. I’m on “New Kent” # 93 of the year so let’s hope this one really takes.

The other thing about setting goals and simplifying your life is you start reflecting. Instead of blabbing away the whole time at lunch, I actually sat and observed a few times. It was a neat experience and makes me realize how I have a cool bunch of friends. So to all the bikechain and extended crews, thanks for all you do.

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