Sure, most of you have heard about P90X, but how many know about K90X? Hmmmm? 4. Thats how many. I know cause it was invented today and there were 4 of us there. It was another re-invention by Kent (aka the butcher, etc, etc). The Butcher has laid down the claim that he will get in 50 rides in the next 90 days (’til Bump). Can you take the challenge? For some, it would mean cutting back on their riding to only get 50 rides in 90 days. For others ( like myself ) it is not possible. Are any of you borderliners willing to take the 90 day challenge? The Butcher says that if you follow his plan you too will be cuttin’ and dicin’ fools by summertime. Rides have to be over an hour to count with only two of your weekly rides being an hour. In fact, a better way to say it would be that you need at least 6 hours a week to count as 4 rides.

On a side note, watch out for 007. He is doing intervals so hard that throws up during them (and during the voice mail that he leaves me describing how hard they were). He is pretty confident about serving it up to all of you (Ric excluded)

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