As some of you already know, my birthday usually falls on or around the Felasco weekend. Well, I assume you are all trying real hard to come up with that perfect present for me. For this year, I decided to make it easy on you. No subtle hints or suggestions. I’m gonna get straight up down on the level with you. I need some fingernail clippers (the big kind for toes). I probably own 10 pairs (or sets, whatever they are called) but can’t find any of them. I have been letting my nails grow because I can’t find clippers. And, I apparently can’t go to the store and buy some more for some reason. I have tried scissors in the past, but didn’t like the cut. My new thing (see pic) is to use dykes, aka wire cutters. They work allright, but still leave the nails a little rough. I figure that I need about 30 pairs of clippers, so I will always have a pair on standby somewhere. So, I am asking you – all of my friends, to chip in and help me get 30 pair. If I did the math correctly, that should only be 15 pair each. Thanks.

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