On Terry – oh

The first one does not have a countdown. It is planned and has an era of beginning, but no seconds to count. Instead, there is a lot of confirmation. At the bottom of the hill, right? Heads turning. Now? Are we going now? Bleep, bleep, bleep. Garmins are set and it is on-the-gas for three minutes. BW is anxious to BTP and takes an early lead, as expected. BJS, WB (cameo appearance) and myself settle into a similar rhythm just off the pace. With 15 seconds to go, we are all nuts to buts and about to head up a short little riser. I jockey for position and put the 18lb SS hardtail in first place coming out of turn four; so to speak.
The remainder of the intervals go somewhat similar, with different triumphs along the way. There was an explosion of power at the end of one of the two minute reps; an out-of-the-saddle full bore sprint – impressive. It was BW making sure he got his notch for the day. BJS won a couple, of course, complaining all the while that he “isn’t feeling it today”. The WB gave it an all out attempt; I mean all out. He attacked and put 75 yards on us, before BW decided that he wasn’t going to let that happen. Another one for BW, as he shut it down with 5 seconds remaining. The surprise appearance of the Mac stunned us all. I think it was the WB who was the most affected by his company though. It started going south immediately as the Mac shows up mid interval, and barks some orders to the WB as he passes by. The Mac, just sat in, did his work, made his deposits at the bank and just got a little bit faster. O, he also rode us all back to our trucks, so he could get in the extra miles. As for myself, I realized that 20mph on a single speed is hard to maintain. An interesting note though: Going north (against the head wind) down at the bottom by the lake, I was able to ride with the boys, and even beat them a couple times. Going south (nice tail wind) I was getting dropped because I didn’t have enough gear. There appeared to be about a 4mph difference, depending on which direction you went.
All in all, these things are getting fun. The first few interval days hurt; mentally and physically. They start to come around though, and really become fun – in a sick way. But, whatever you do, don’t start doing them now (if you race against me).

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