Pissed on my Sidis

Did a road ride yesterday, I was on the bike for about 5 hours, hoping for a vision quest.  All I did was piss on my Sidis.  It was somewhere in the 3.5 hour mark, I had to piss so I go into the park bathroom and start.  People who don’t ride ask me, “doesn’t that hurt your junk?”  Never thought it did, but after yesterday, I think my junk found a way to revolt.  Here is what happened.

Nuts:  “Hey dickhole, when he pulls down those bib shorts and tries to piss, give me two streams.”
Dickhole: “Are you sure, I feel fine.”
Nuts: “You ain’t the one reading FIZIK for three hours, stop being a bitch and give me two streams.”
Dickhole: “Ok, here goes.”
I look down from the “partial hunched over bib pissing position” and see a renegade stream killing my right Sidi.  I  redirect and finish, there is nothing I can do about it now.  I fill up my bottles and head out for another two hours.
Conspiracy or just bad aim?

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