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Another birthday in the books. This blog’s title pays homage to my years – 38. Friday was actually my birthday, but it was a pretty awful day. The only saving grace is it was bracketed by time with my wife and kids. Cards and hugs and kisses in the morning, then on to a small present and impromptu visit to a high school football game in the evening (Casey and Mia had a blast). I had a good time as well and it was funny to check out a real life Friday Night Lights.

Saturday was not much better because I had to work. Mia begged to go on the morning’s first run so that was nice. On to work while the rest of my family spent time with extend family in town for Justin’s wedding. On to my cousin-in-law’s wedding at Goodwood. Very nice affair. It’s still a small world and I bumped in to my man Bob with AB. He opened the door to talk about 180 Energy so obliged. I stepped through it and next year’s sponsorship looks promising. Not a done deal but it looks good. I asked one of my other cousin-in-laws – Cord – if he’d been riding any (we sold him a Caloi back in the day). He played the question down but said he brought his bike. The beer had been flowing so I’m like “,dude we got to ride in the morning. I’m talking early!” Much to my horror he said yes.

So we’re rolling by 7:15 at Tom Brown on Sunday morning. No BS, I feel great. I ask him want he wants to do and mentions he’s heard of Cadillac. So I alter our course and lead him through part of Tom Brown, Cadillac, Piney Z and then the lollipop loop. We hit all the cool sections and loved every minute. Fitness level wise everything felt great. The only time I ever felt dead legged was climbing up the sissy route from the dike. We get back a little early and decide to hit some more singletrack at Tom Brown. It was one of the best rides I’ve been on in a very long time. Back at home I burn the next 8 hours renovating the kitchen.

Woke up yesterday and it was back to the grind. I was dead tired. Beat. I was starting to get grumpy. Then I did some thinking. What I’ve found is we all can fall in to the trap of focusing on the negative. That is what I was trying to do. In what was an otherwise aggravating set of circumstance and a not-so-great birthday weekend – there were some pockets of positive times, and some truly great times. So that’s the focus now – positive.


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