Red Faced Drama

Hard to top Ron’s last blog so I won’t even try. I think re-living those thoughts has him home sick so he’s making the seven hour trip up here to Tally Ho for the gone riding race this weekend. Not that he would race – he’s bowed out of racing ever since Asbell crashed him out of that Tom Brown Race. It went down over by the shortcut entrance (behind the RC track). Ron was riding behind Jaysun. They were 1 and 2 coming out of the BMX track headed out for another lap. Jeff was trailing and wanted to pick up a place. So… he sprinted hard, cut underneath with not quiet enough room and caused Ron to high-side. It was an awesome sight and it was THAT much funnier because it was Ron – you know because he hates people. Ron is ACTUALLY headed up here for the good fun, good times, so you know we will have to throw down.

His recent announcement has opened a debate. Should Kent race or not? On one hand it’s a 9:00 start for me, I need all the points I can get, I like to punish myself and racing is just plain fun. On the other hand the last time I rode was July 27 (except for Terry’s Monday beat down) and am I really going to race the other cities? I know what I think and I think I know what you think. But… what it boils down to is team dynamics. Do you want me to race to the point of red-faced drama OR.. would the team benefit more from me working the BC booth? Need your votes and feedback ASAP so I can mentally prepare for my assigned role.


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