Rotten Meat May Change My Life

Wow. I’ve never been smelly but recent events had me sniff-checking everything. It’s no secret the Tahoe is a wreck. I’m OCD but have to combat that with being a complete slob. If I keep it clean then I HAVE to keep it clean. So I let it be a complete mess. That all may have to change. I did a prelim clean the other day throwing away the big chunks and putting the rest in piles. There’s the front seat, back floorboard and cargo area. I’m feeling pretty good about myself – Rome wasn’t built in a day right? Right about the time Silk was looking for his vest I noticed a little funk. Could it be the socks, shoes or helmet from Sunday? How about the krispy kreme box from Friday? Or maybe the near empty chocolate milk containers? Milk can get get funky. Forget it – let’s wait a day or two and see (or smell) what happens. Unfortunately this morning set off an olfactory alarm of gagging proportions. On par with a triple-gagger diaper changing. Wife and kids were waving goodbye as I opened the car door so I had to choke down some puke, pull out of the driveway and roll down the windows as I left neighborhood. Gasping for air I cussed it aggravation. Aggravated because I’m frustrated with how nasty I am. Aggravated because something is in the Tahoe and I’ve got to find it. So I put the sniffer to work. Ran through the usual suspects. Mild funk but nothing a stick-up couldn’t handle. Check under the front seats. Check the cargo area. Nothing. On to the back seats. Driver side – nothing. Passenger side door opens – dry heave. Damn, that’s where the Publix pork roast went. I was all pissed at the bag boy for shorting me and it was MY fault. I had clearly shoved the shopping bag under the back seat when loading my groceries because there was nowhere else to put it. More cussing because I now know I am a piece of crap. So happy Friday to me. I am now committed to re-inventing myself, again. I’ll embrace the OCD and clean it up. Washing and checking here I come. I’ll try to snap some pictures of the Tahoe detox.


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