Rusted Root and Last Chance Fancy

Few thought it was possible for the Chehaw Champion to fall this far from grace. The Dragon has become a joke that is no longer funny any more. We’re at the uncomfortable stage where it’s awkward to make jokes because they’re ringing more than true. The Incredibly Fat Hulk is even fatter this year. A disgrace. Next year is my last year in Vet (30-39). Awareness of these bike geek milestones makes you start filling your iPod with anthems like Last Chance Fancy. Then you get all weirded out and have to turn it all manly – yea that’s right I’m a rare breed – I SHOULD be a bad ass like the Last of the Mohicans bad asses. Get some bitches.

But alas I’ll probably just do yard work and the closest thing I’ll come to riding is coaching Pop Warner in BIKE brand shorts. The gauntlets have turned rusty and we’re all out of motivational videos. I got nothing for you but results. Let’s see where I am on Jan. 9, Mar. 21 and June 5.

Send Me On My Way.

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