Sitting on the sidelines sucks! It’s the perfect Tallahassee mountain bike season, and it looks like many of the fair weather crew members have come out of hibernation. Red Dragon is regaining his wings. Micro’s attendance is growing. Even an out of town, old schooler was here this past weekend. It’s killing me not to be there, but I finally heard from the doc’s office yesterday. I’ve got an appointment at TOC next Thursday. My ankle has been feeling better, so I may even try an easy ride later this week, or this weekend.
I’m stoked to see the weather has the ‘posse out en masse, and if I don’t see you folks on the trail soon, I’ll see you at the Sweet 16 Double Header, at Bikechain, Nov. 8th! Kent and Mark have been working hard to make the shop space look good, and there efforts are paying off. Come check it out, next weekend.
ps. Keep a close eye on Big Jim Slade, I think he has been up to something. Here me now. Read his later.

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