The Drunk One Hundred

On Christmas I was drunk.  I threw down the gauntlet(Red Dragon style) to ride one hundred miles New Years Day, worst of all, there were witnesses to my retardation.  I was committed at this point, rain was my only out.  I ended up riding 103 miles and according to the all knowing Polar, 6034 calories, shouldn’t I be clinically dead after that?  I was not going fast, but pedaling for 6 hours and 40 minutes really takes a toll.  I felt good and was happy with my completion without the disasters of the first “Felasco Assessment Ride”.  If I had not done it, I would have felt like a punk ass for bailing on my own gauntlet throwing.

The jersey was well used.  I promoted in at least 9 cities and it worked better than it looks.  The earphone port in the back pocket is the shiznit.
Happy New Year to all of the crew and see you suckas in Felasco.

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