There’s a cost to be the boss

Alright, lets face it, we are all going to have to pay the price of doing Felasco with Kent. Kent is our friend and he has done so much for all of us over the years, we can’t ditch him. So, paying the price is inevitable. Quick math looks like this, we will all be doing a 4 hour ride in about 5.5-6 hours. Kent will probably do it in 7-7.5 hours. Here is where the toll comes in to play. You can pay up front; pre pay if you will. Or, you can wait and pay after all of the accumulated intrerest, which of course is compounded by the mile. Below are the two payment options that I can think of.

1) On the way to the Waffle House in the morning, drop Kent off at the park so he can get started. That means probably driving about 7 minutes past the Waffle House to drop him off, then coming back to the Waffle House afterwards for breakfast. That should cost about 15 minutes worth of your time.

2) Start at the same time, wait for him on the trail as long as humanly possible, then go into survival mode and finsih the last 15 miles on your own. Get to the truck and sit, and wait, for an extra 1 hour or so. Then, finally, everybody go to Sonnys for some crappy BBQ.

What sounds better? Payment option 1, or 2?

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