This party is for you

In keeping with the theme that BJS laid out, here is my fire picture. Hopefully after his relaxing camping weekend, he will come back ready to contribute to the bikechain blog. He is the best writer in town ya know. RD, you’re not completely off the hook either. Vulgarity is not an excuse. Anyway, its party time. Pizza burgers, beer and video games tonight. And no, I didn’t leave out a comma. Dinner tonight will be pizza burgers. The real ones too. Not some fake pizza burger that is no more than mozzarella and marinera sauce on a hamburger patty. This is a burger, with a slice of pizza on it. May not be the best choice for the weight watchers out there, but it will go good with Busch Light. Maybe we can offer up a Boca Burger option without a bun, and only a small slice of pizza for those who are really concerned. So, Steve, get up out of that dark room, blow out all of the candles, turn off Chris Isaac and c’mon. This party is for you.

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