A year and a half ago, before I started riding bikes again, I was a fat sorry mess. My weight was over 200lbs and I felt like crap every day. My typical day consisted of: getting up going to work; eating a BIG meal at lunch; go home; eat a snack/drink a coke (maybe a beer); cook BIG dinner then eat it (while watching biggest loser) while sitting in my lazy boy; another snack before bed (mmmm Oreos and milk); sleep. I was so out of shape that I’d get winded walking from the house to the mailbox. A doctor’s visit put a little fear into me when he started talking about high cholesterol and chances of diabetes. It was time to get motivated so I started running then eventually riding bikes again.

So now I’ve lost a little weight (need to lose more), and get plenty of cardio. Funny thing is….I’M STILL TIRED. Granted, this is a different kind of tired. Me and the boys did intervals on the mountain bikes last night. They (the intervals) were particularly brutal this time. I’m not one of those people who ever had a need to puke during or after a workout, but last night was about as close as I’ve ever come. Silk and Marko swear that these things will make us faster, and they better be right (intervals = no fun). It was good to have Spanish Mackeral and Brother Kent join me and Marko for the painfest.

Tonight is the “Joe’s” ride. A special appearance by lil’ Ronnie visiting from North Cuba will make the ride extra fun. Don’t know if my legs have much pep in ‘em, but I’m looking forward to the ride.

Wish I could go back home and crawl into bed and take a long nap instead of sitting in an office all day. Oh yea, in case I didn’t mention it…..I’m freakin TIRED!

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