Trails are alive and nobody asked me

Turned some hot laps at Red Bug, seeking redemption from this weekend’s spanking. First lap felt uncomfortable. Still don’t have my legs back. We need some more rain because the trail is still really loose. I came to this concuclsuion after some near misses and one crash. Neck did not hurt as bad and made a real effort to not crack it. Changed strategy from bulldog to smooth. Climb within my abilities, pedal the flats, cruise the downhills. Relax my grip and try to groove the turns. Smoother is faster. Also realize I have lost alot of handling skills. The MUNI is great for balance, but does nothing for speed. Second lap felt better. Legs did not hurt as bad. Lap was quicker which is not the norm for me. Maybe Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday are starting to pay off. The trails are really alive with something. Could not help but think about the Predator. Every time I looked around to see what was making the noise, I could see something but then it was gone. Could be the pollen, could be the Predator in cloak mode.

Nobody asked me but I think:

HWB is stressed out right now
Jim is really fast
Mark is faster
Ric is stupid fast
Tim is a bad ass
Steve and Ken are faster than we all thought
I’m slower than we all thought, especially me
Big Worm needs a hug
Zak needs to follow his dreams (while you still can)
Darien is close to a comeback
Dan is faster than his RBC performance
Tyler will win his first race
DoubleNought could be for real this year


Flea markets and smoked mullet – that’s what Woodville does!

Red Dragon

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