Twas the Night before… redemption (I hope)

I hope this is not false… hope. I hope this nervousness I’m feeling is the good kind. A little on edge because the new boss starts tomorrow. Not because I’m not capable, but because I’ve lost the last six months to something I thought I wanted. Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. I just know I put everything I had into it and came up short. That feels bad. Double down that I was up for one of my dream jobs but came up short on that one as well. That feels double bad. This post isn’t a request for sympathy, just an explanation of why I have been gone. With those dreams pushed further out of reach (at least for now) I’ve had to do some heavy thinking. Shut the door and sit in the dark thinking. I’m on the eve of starting a new chapter. A re-investment in the things I like and love – family, friends and bicycles. I’ll come by soon and re-introduce myself. I’m sure I be on the receiving end of some well deserved shit. Just remember the harder you push on a weeble, the harder they wobble.

The Butcher

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