What is wrong with Big Jim?

Nobody asked me (well some did) but Big Jim is creeping me out. With all of the chaos going on in the BC world we were relying on Big Jim to be the face of BC. He was doing a great job but lately he’s been wavering. Maybe it was too many NB jokes? Or perhaps our hectic lives have him irritated? Maybe we should ride bikes more? Part of me thinks he’s mad, another part thinks he’s bike depressed, and yet another thinks he is wookin pa nub. MOST of me thinks he’s like this picture on the left – smiling but you know he’s thinking something else. The espresso is almost ready. Terry is back on the bike. I’m back on the bike. BRC is fast and new folks are hanging around the shop. RBC is on the horizon. What more could you want? It’s time to come home Jim. Snap out of the funk or get snapped out of it. Dragon

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