What Was I Thinking…

I took it for a ride today after three months of waiting. It was eye opening. You never appreciate suspension until you don’t have it. Got an hour in to workout the bugs and there weren’t many. The only surgery was cutting the front brakeline. It was good overall. I have to learn how to ride again. The rigid bike took me back to the days of mountain biking with t-shirts and toe clips, and Oakley Razor Blades in neon colors were cool.
This will be my ride for Felasco. I have five weeks to get my shit together. I have done more training for the beer drinking than the ride itself lately. I only have two Fat Tire Ales left, so training will officially start after this blog. I threw the singlespeed rigid gauntlet down and am going to stick to it. I am shooting for 50 miles and will make the game day decision on the extra miles. What is it, 64? If I complete that, I might be so excited, that I punch BigWorm in his man-pleaser(mouth). I could go on, but I am officially unable to operate a motor vehicle. So I will end with a call out.
Come on fuckers! Felasco on a singlespeed, cause misery love company. In all seriousness, can’t wait to see and ride with you douchebags.

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