You spin my head right round, right round, when ….

And, all the way from out-of-the-blue, put your hands together for the-one, the-only, Doubt. Doubt just showed up today, and no telling how long ‘ole doubt will be hanging out. One thing is for sure, since he showed up, everything has fallen into place to comfirm his belonging. Some latecomers to follow his arrival were: Mr. Sore Legs, good ‘ole Confusion, Despair and the ever popular What-was-I-thinking. Unfortunately, to make room for the new guests, we had to get rid of some long time favorites; Self Respect and Confidence. So yeh, tonights show is going to suck. Sorry ’bout that. Lets just hope it gets better soon, or there may have to be some changes made at the ticket window. I know I am not going to keep paying way over priced admission for a crappy show. Not that crappy shows are THAT bad, its just, who wants to pay Broadway prices for off-off Broadway shows! Anyway, I am off to ice my ego: ‘dya think sucking this hard is a good enough excuse for a race refund? Would USA Cycling buy it?

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